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One day Kelin the bunny girl is looking for a treasure. Suddenly she falls into a dungeon. Instead of finding exit, she is wandering in the dungeon looking for the treasure. Help Kelin collect all the gems and uncover the main treasure of the deep dungeon while running around without being able to stop.

Game is still WIP (Work in Progress). There will be changes for the current contents in the future.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kakikelin/

Feel free to give feedbacks/critisms/suggestions of the Kelin Kelilin.

How to Play

The main goal of this game is very simple, collect certain numbers of gem in a level with just one button gameplay. Player takes control of Kelin, the main character, turning her direction by simple using one button to change her direction.

Easy huh? But there is more challenge for that! If you can complete a challenge in a level, you will earn certain star reward:

  • 1 Star: complete a level
  • 2 Stars: complete a level with Time bonus or Gem bonus completed, but not both
  • 3 Stars: complete a level with both Time bonus and Gem bonus completed
  • Gold Star: complete a level with both Gold Time bonus and Gem bonus completed. The time required to finish Gold Time bonus will only be revealed after player achieved 3 Stars and the time hasn't reached Gold Time bonus yet. Player still can obtain Gold Star reward without the need to fulfill the 3 Stars reward requirement.

The Gold Star reward is the hardest to complete. Player needs to master the basic gameplay well, optimize path taken, and takes the turning early. The Gold Star reward itself is optional and not required to complete the game. This is only for boasting how well player have mastered Kelin Kelilin.


  • Change direction/Start game: Space key, Z key, or mouse left click
  • R: Restart
  • Q: Quit level


  • v0.2 (December 12th, 2016)
    • Added more message for the End Demo screen, depending how much player collected the stars
    • Changed bar progress into text
    • Changed a lot of the graphics including some terms, the v0.1 graphics were too futuristic
    • Changed title font style
    • Added more 10 levels
    • Changed rating system
    • Changed temporary music, to fit more with the new graphics theme
    • Changed back button position
    • Changed message position on Extra
    • Player will go back to Extra menu after exiting from Achievements/Scenes screens
    • Added Star reward notification, depending on the time and gem progress
    • Replaced "Powered" reward into "Gold Star" reward to make it more iconic
    • Updated readme.txt
    • Reworded v0.1 changelog
    • Improved some backend stuffs
    • Fixed credit spacing
    • Disable "change direction" sound after reaching "portal"
  • v0.1 (November 9th, 2016)
    • Kelin Kelilin firstdemo released.

More information

Published72 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, haxeflixel, one-button, Pixel Art
Average durationA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer

Download demo

Kelin Kelilin.zip (v0.2) (5 MB)

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